Vacation Of Love 2

Vacation Of Love 2

Otro nombre: 假日暖洋洋2


It is yet another winter. Cheng Man, the sister of a strong woman in the venture capital world, was in Shanghai and was about to take her daughter to Sanya for the New Year. However, she flew back to her hometown in Dongbei after a series of incidents. Kong Lingqi, the founder of the company who intends to save corporate financing, also followed Cheng Man to Dongbei, trying to change Cheng Man’s mind. After some twists and turns, the two finally released their suspicions. The frustrated sister Cheng Shu’s homestay in her hometown in Dongbei is facing bankruptcy. The big order that fell from the sky turned out to be from her ex-boyfriend Wei Qi. Liao Ran, who has the dream of being a Michelin star chef, was roped in by the proprietress to fill the hole. The three of them go through yet another emotional twist as it goes on. Their niece, Cheng Miao, who is about to graduate, went home for the Chinese New Year.



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